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Community INC by Tiny Build Announced

by DB Fig

Tiny Build, the studio behind the upcoming release Hello Neighbor, has just announced their latest project titled Community INC. Community INC puts you in the control of a team that builds communities for profit. You build the community for groups of races throughout the world, and you can make them work together or go to war with each out. Seems like a very ambitious project for the studio, and they are currently in the alpha stages of development. If you wish to enter the alpha preview, you can sign up HERE.
Check out the announcement trailer:

The game is currently touting these features:
Village building
Build your own village with many types of buildings, you need to decide what kind of objects, items or workbench you want inside. There are more than 150 items to craft. Every item and object has a reason. For example, craft a Wood Cabinet and put it inside the houses to increase your storage space.
Your workers
The Lings works for you. You need to provide basic salary, food and a “healthy” environment. It’s up to you to decide how they work and where. Beware, they can start conflicts with each other and even set your village on fire. See them talking and eyes open for their status.
Random generated nature based on your initial profile. Talk, trade or fight with other races. Collect treasures and sell it or use it on your community. Random events that can turn your whole village into a nightmare from day to night. See how weather impacts your food and workers. And much more!
No release date is scheduled for the final release at this time. Community INC is slated for the Steam PC Platform.


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