Bubsy: The Whoolies Strike Back Announced

It’s official, Bubsy is back. So is the original publisher Accolade. In a very surprising announcement, the resurrected Accolade has announced Bubsy: The Whoolies Strike Back for the PlayStation 4, and the PC Steam platforms. Currently Black Forest Games, the team behind the Giana Sisters series, is heading development. Accolade provides a short description on what to expect in this new entry.
You can watch the trailer here:

Bubsy the Woolies Strike Back! is an all new Bubsy adventure featuring Bubsy in a bevy of exotic locations as he travels the planet looking for the beloved Golden Fleece.
Bubsy must use all of his classic moves and a few new ones to dodge and out bobcat a battalion of Woolies, not mention the gnarliest UFO bosses to ever grace a Bubsy adventure.
The wisecracking lynx also adds over a 100 new one liners to his lexicon to keep fans guessing what he’ll say next.
It has been a very long time since the last Bubsy game, yet Black Forest Games are accomplished when it comes to platforming games. So we’ll have to wait to see how this ends up.



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