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Black Desert Online’s Elven Homeland with the Kamasylvia Expansion Out Today

Black Desert Online expands with an elven-themed region and additional story content as Kakao Games and PearlAbyss release Kamasylvia Part One today. Watch a new trailer showcasing the Arduanatt, a new tier-9 mount released for the Expansion. Arduanatt’s special abilities include Wings of Wind, which allows it to glide in the air after a double jump. Giving its rider to a view of the Black Desertworld.

Watch the Kamasylvia Arduanatt Trailer on YouTube:

This expansion will be free starting today. The Kamasylvia Expansion continues Black Desert Online’s narrative by sending adventurers deep into elven woodlands to discover the mystical homeland of the Ranger and Dark Knight as well as their relation to the legendary Kamasylve Tree. As you explore the new region of Kamasylvia, take in the sights of the Old Wisdom Tree, an ancient elven village, or try your hand at The Altar of Training, a group-based survival challenge.

For an even greater test of strength, join with your guild members and take the fight to Mirumok Watcher Offin, a stony menace lurking inside Kamasylvia, for exceptional guild rewards. Look out for other events like Kamasylvian Alchemist, Go for the Golden Treasure Chest!, Growth of a Young Kamasylve Tree, as well as Kamasylvia fan art and screenshot contests. Visit the official website for more information and reward details.

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As someone who played a little of this MMO, I can say that it offers a lot to the player. The user base seems to be growing rapidly, and the graphics are second to none if your PC can handle it. I personally will be looking into this expansion in the future as I raise my character to the level needed to enter.

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