Darwin Project Kicks Off its Closed Alpha Weekend

Scavengers Studio is running the Darwin Project’s first Closed Alpha Weekend on PC with the end of coverage embargo dark days, the first installment of its Dev Diary video series, and some new details about the game’s future.

You can watch the E3 Trailer of the Darwin Project here:

Timeline for the Event:

  • Start: Friday, November 10 @ 9:00am Pacific / Noon Eastern
  • End: Sunday, November 12 @ 9:00pm Pacific / Midnight Eastern

Just in time for players to break down the ice-covered gates of this science experiment-turned-reality show, the inaugural Dev Diary sets the backdrop for Darwin Project. Exploring the game’s unique take on the battle royale genre, learn about everything from tracking and hunting to crafting and northern Canada’s extreme weather conditions.

Watch the first Darwin Project Dev Diary on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMsJSzGhQds

Not able to make your debut on the battlefield this weekend? No problem! Scavengers have you covered. Chief survivalist (and game director) Simon Darveau will be on-hand to answer viewers’ questions as part of a special Dev Stream on Twitch. Even better? He’ll be using this as an opportunity to show off Darwin Project’s Show Director feature and give an inside look at what the future holds for it, allowing players to embrace their inner power trip and turn the tide of battle. Be sure to tune in Sunday, November 12 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern Time for all the juicy details!

Set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop, an impending ice age has kick-started a twisted new reality show, in which participants must fight to the death to earn their survival. Darwin Project offers a competitive multiplayer third-person experience with an emphasis on survival. Players must withstand extreme environmental conditions, track opponents, craft tools, set traps, and negotiate temporary alliances to be the last one standing at sunrise.

Darwin Project kicks off its first PC Closed Alpha Weekend today and is slated to launch on Xbox One and PC in spring 2018. For the latest updates, visit Scavengers Studio’s official website or follow them on FacebookTwitterDiscordReddit and Instagram.



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