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“Debris” Co-Op Dives into a Full Release at 50% Off

by DB Fig

Dive with a friend to discover the hazards of a surreal world locked below Arctic sea ice in today’s launch of the highly-anticipated co-op mode for first-person, narrative adventure game Debris from independent video game developer Moonray Studios. To celebrate our co-op release, Debris is discounted at 50% off for one week.

Following the soft launch of its single-player campaign in October of 2017, Debris’ co-op mode has players scrambling to find power for their life systems, defeat deadly creatures, and decipher what mysterious forces are attempting to prevent them from escaping. Designed based on the challenges facing those affected by psychosis and created with the help of medical professionals, Debris explores the interplay between perception and reality in an unconventional, narrative-driven co-op format. Players must negotiate each other’s choices as their realities drift further and further apart due to their own creeping psychosis.

“Co-op mode is the ultimate way to play Debris because it allows people to truly experience what it’s like to have psychosis,” said Dan Clark, Founder at Moonray Studios. “One person may hear or see something, while their friend may not and vice versa. With each delusion and reality, players won’t know who’s right, who’s wrong and what is really going on.”

Escape Together or Die Alone

Players are part of a small team sent to film a promotional video for a ground-breaking discovery: meteoric debris embedded deep in Arctic ice that provides clean, hyper-efficient energy. Taking on the roles of either Ryan, the team’s videographer, or Sonya, a promising engineer and project leader, players embark on a fight for survival in the murky depths of the Arctic Ocean.

Stranded at the bottom after a tragic accident, injured and running out of time, their only hope for survival is to reach the surface. But something else is going on. Things aren’t right, they don’t add up, and divers can’t help but speculate. Why is this happening?

Dive into:

  • A Mysterious Story that Leaves Players Questioning Everything – The story of Debris unfolds in the communication between partners as they struggle to navigate and unravel why they’re trapped and how they can escape.
  • Multiple Endings Dramatically Impacted by Key Choices – An unconventional narrative co-op mode where a person’s partner matters and tensions are high. Three lives are in the balance. One has a light, one has a gun; one sees everything, one hears everything; one is lost, and one is stuck. But everyone thinks they know what’s really going on. Each character is brought to life with living, breathing conversational dialogue.
  • Gameplay All About Time – Everything a player can do is tied to power, which counts down continuously. Debris is full of time-dependent choices, the time they need, the time they lose and the time they are willing to spend.
  • A Unique Underwater Setting like Nothing Players Have Ever Seen – With 8 axes of movement (including buoyancy), divers glide through the Arctic labyrinth and quickly discover that their prison is home to strange bioluminescent flora and fauna, prey and predators of light and darkness

As they fight their way to safety, players will need to figure out what’s behind this surreal world and their desperate situation. Knowing will make all the difference.

Debris‘ co-op experience is available now with a 50% discount for its first week of release.


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