Solo: An Introspective Puzzle Adventure is Announced

Solo marks the first collaboration between Team Gotham and narrative designer Jordi de Paco, best known for his work as creative director on The Red Strings Club and Gods Will Be Watching.

Combining creative puzzle designs that offer flexible solutions, Solo welcomes players to challenge themselves at their own pace as they immerse themselves in the serene set of islands. Team Gotham brings their emotional experience together with a reflective narrative that invites players to examine their own love relationships.

The tranquil music is designed to bring the minimalistic world brought to life with creatures peppered across the environments. Solo’s contemplative atmosphere provides a space to ponder personal questions or a relaxing place to take a break and appreciate their surroundings by composing songs on guitar, feeding the wildlife, and capturing the stunning surroundings in camera mode.

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“Solo offers players a safe space they can comfortably wrap themselves in while providing the option to reflect on love’s place in their life in a way only possible through video games,” said Juan De La Torre, creative director, Team Gotham. “The welcoming world, metaphoric story, creative puzzle solving mechanics and other small details bring the kindness of the isles to life so the player is free to think about what matters most.”

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Seems like Solo is designed to be a meditative journey and not one to frustrate. It’ll be interesting how this title develops, and if it can resonate in a true way with players.

Solo will be available via Steam in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese for $14.99 USD.

For more information, please visit the Team Gotham website or follow Solo onFacebook and Twitter.



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