Kongregate Announces Steam Platform Competitor named Kartridge


The longtime PC developer has announced their very own platform. This will be in direct competition with platforms like Steam, Origin, and GOG. The platform is named Kartidge.

According to Kongregate, Kartridge will be an open platform. This will give developers, big or small, the ability to choose which technologies they use and how they would like to monetize their games. Which means premium, pay-what-you-want, free-to-play, incentivized-ads and free titles will all be supported on the Kartridge platform.

Kongregate will offer developers need the upload quick and painless to the new platform. They have decided that Kartridge will have no manual approval process and no upload fees.

In terms of discovery, the front page Kongrerate will use a dedicated team that will use their experience in content curation for Kongregate.com for to make sure that good games are given the chance to find an audience. Games will be showcased based on what is resonating with our players and our team in addition to some surfacing based on a player’s individual preferences. Kongregate is currently testing with a couple of different mechanics to help people discover new categories of games they might enjoy.

Interested game developers can visit https://www.kartridge.com/developers/ to learn more about the platform. Kongregate will meet with developers during GDC too.

Chat will be an integral part of the Kartridge experience. You can talk to other players while you browse, and keep on chatting while you play. Kongregate wishes to create a social ecosystem around games and gaming. S

Kongregate emphasized that this is a new community. The Kartridge systems will be separate from the systems on the main Kongregate website. Kartridge chat and Kongregate.com chat will be separate; you will not be able to talk to players participating in Kartridge chat through Kongregate.com chat and vice versa.

Kongregate is creating conduct and expectations that differ from the website. The conduct guidelines will be updated and more thorough than the current ones here. They also have plans for how to improve the quality of chat in meaningful ways, but we’re not quite ready to discuss those in detail just yet.

Kongregate claims that achievements and levels on Kartridge will be an evolved, more-rewarding version of the ones on the Kongregate website.


Kongregate states they decided to build Kartridge because, “as browser support for Flash and Unity Webplayer declined, we saw a lot of web developers move to making downloadable games.” This move allows them to still focus on what was done in the past, and secure a foothold in what is becoming more common in the indie developer scene.

Kongregate explains revenue “think about how our publishing initiative has become a real asset to the website and vice versa. Quite a few of the biggest games on the site today wouldn’t have been made without an investment from Kongregate’s publishing side. (When we agree to publish a game, we very frequently provide advance funding so the dev can pay their bills while actually making the game.) In other cases, we have “discovered” a Kongregate.com game and then helped the developers expand their reach with a successful mobile version. The various facets of Kongregate work together to benefit both players and developers, and we expect that will only increase in the future.”


Kartridge will start offering these use features at launch of their beta testing.

  • Chat You’ll be able to get other players’ input while browsing and hear opinions about what’s good, then continue the conversation once you start playing.
  • Achievements and leveling One of the things that most sets Kongregate apart is our achievements. For Kartridge, we’re going to develop a richer and more meaningful way to reward play while keeping the core of what makes our badges fun. Longtime community admin IAmTheCandyman has been working part-time on this for a while now and will go full-time in early April.
  • Easy uploads Making a game is hard work, but adding your game to Kartridge will be easy. We have spent a lot of time making sure that uploading games (and making a sweet-looking store page) involves minimal effort but gives you tons of control over how your game is presented.
  • Supporting developers We’ll use the our background as a publisher, combined with our experience on the website, to actively help developers promote their games and find an appreciative audience.


To apply for the beta, go to www.kartridge.com and enter your email address A closed beta is launching in a few weeks. They will start with a small group of players but let more and more in as they fix issues. The open beta is expected to launch this summer!



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