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SHOCKING! Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming this Fall!

by DBFig

With that little bit of sarcasm out of the way, it has been confirmed by Activision and Treyarch that Black Ops 4 is the next Call of Duty game.

No real information has been given. Just that the reveal event will be this upcoming May 17th, and the Global Launch will be Oct 12th. Which is actually a bit earlier than the normal release window of November. So perhaps there is something else coming? Only time will tell.

Yet, the logo was seen earlier at an NBA event. You can see it here: https://twitter.com/ESPNNBA/status/971179184776187911

No announcement on platforms but it may be a safe bet that it will come to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The wildcard is the Nintendo Switch. With a new Nintendo Direct coming, perhaps we may get a surprise then? Now it’ll be up to Activision and Treyarch to tease what is in store for the next game in the popular franchise.


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