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MOTHERGUNSHIP Coming this Summer

by DBFig

The MOTHERGUNSHIP fleet approaches. The spiritual successor to Tower of Guns that mixes the FPS and bullet-hell nears summer 2018 release.

Gun Customization:

Players can craft, create, and customize their very own gun monstrosities to fend off all the foes you’ll face along the way. With different barrels, caps, and stock pieces, players customize the shape, output, and total energy consumption of the weapon. Want to make a 10-barreled flamethrower sniper that’s shaped like a box in your FOV? Yup, go for it. How about a gravity dipping grenade launcher that also has 3 shotgun barrel attachments? Totally! Oh yeah, you could also make something more manageable too.

New Fleet Ships:

The MOTHERGUNSHIP is the final big bad you’ll have to face, but in order to get to it, you’ll need to take down the fleet that protects the leader of them all. The foundry ships are responsible for the creation of all the legions of robots you’ll face along the way. Enter into the molten heart of these ships but keep in mind that the heat will be your friend and foe as you traverse the space.

Check out the Foundry Ship blog post for more gifs, screens, and details: http://www.mothergunship.com/blog/the-foundry/

MOTHERGUNSHIP will be featured at the PAX Indie Game Booth. So if you’re at PAX East, you can get a chance to check it out yourself.

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