Radical Heights, a Free-to-Play Battle Royale, Announced by LawBreakers Developer

Radical Heights, an 80s themed battle royale, has been revealed by Boss Key Productions. Boss Key, founded by Cliffy B of Gears of War fame, released their highly anticipated game LawBreakers last year. Sadly, LawBreakers didn’t resonate with audiences, and the studio has stated they were going to shift gears to a new project.

It looks like Radical Heights is that new project. Radical Heights is a battle royale that has a very hair metal 80s aesthetic and seems to revolve around earning money to get more loot. A decent twist on the battle royale space and may motivate players to be a lot more aggressive. Vehicles seem to play the part, but in keeping with the theme, it is bicycles. Which may offer some unique BMX hijinx.

Radical Heights will enter Steam Early Access April 10th and will be free to play. You can check out the reveal trailer below.


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