Final Fantasy XIV Brings Free Trial, New Dungeon, and Mobile App

The next chapter of the Ivalice 24-man alliance raid series is set to arrive in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online late this May when Patch 4.3 goes live. Titled Under the Moonlight, Patch 4.3 brings a  new content to the  MMO and continues the story of the Stormblood expansion.

Adventurers will also be able to explore a new dungeon, take on new trials, and can level up their crafting and gathering skills by accepting the new Namazu beast tribe quests. Details on the main contents of this patch are revealed below:

  • New Main Scenario Quests – The story of Stormblood continues.
  • New Alliance Raid – The Ridorana Lighthouse.
  • New Trial
  • New Dungeon – The Swallow’s Compass.
  • New Beast Tribe Quests – The Namazu.
  • New Sidequests – The Four Lords, Doman Reconstruction, and Further Hildibrand Adventures.
  • New Deep Dungeon – 100-Floor Heaven-on-High.
  • The Forbidden Land, Eureka Expansion – Pagos Expedition.
  • New Ultimate Difficulty Raid – Ultima Weapon.
  • Updates to jobs, PvP, glamour system, housing, performance actions, new more powerful gear and more.

Additionally, alongside the contents of Patch 4.3, SQUARE ENIX  showed a first look at the outline of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Companion mobile app currently in development. All players that download the app will be able to enjoy benefits such as the following:

  • Chat with friends and free company members
  • Organize events with the scheduler
  • Organize inventory and armory chest
  • Peruse the Market Board
  • Put items up for sale and purchase items
  • Register an additional favored destination Aetheryte

An optional, Premium Plan is also available, which unlocks the following features for a monthly fee:

  • Organize Saddlebags and Retainer Inventories
  • Saddlebag capacity is doubled
  • One additional Retainer can be employed

Details of the app release date will be shared as they are confirmed.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Free Trial allows new players to easily join the millions of adventurers in the realm of Eorzea. The free trial allows anyone to access all available content up to level 35 (including the new Rival Wings PvP), create up to eight playable characters, and experience the different playable races, classes, and jobs with no restrictions on playtime. New players who wish to experience the free trial may register here: All editions of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, including the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood expansion, may be purchased through the Square Enix® Online Store here:

FChamp, What’s next after Marvel?

Ryan ‘Filipino Champ’ Ramirez is making some changes to his sponsors and the games in his roster.

Since Marvel’s player base declined FChamp is moving on to other games.

FChamp says he’s a big MvC fan and he loves the game but, the overall verdict is the public doesn’t like it.

“I wasn’t surprised after seeing the reviews of the poor roster and graphics,” he said

FChamp said he predicted Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite not getting any love due to how it is treated at Capcom Cup. He continues to say Capcom and Marvel couldn’t agree on anything based off history. For example, Marvel vs Capcom 3 was the number one game during 2012 to 2014 according to EVO entry numbers. Marvel seemed to reach the eyes of players that were bored of watching Street Fighter IV. That changed when Street Fighter V premiered. Marvel is also having lots of conflicts with the movies, plus they couldn’t patch the bugs in the game.

“Marvel isn’t an esports game.” Said FChamp, “I’m an esports player. I have to play games that [are] relevant.”

An esports player’s job is to play games for massive crowds, get major hype for amazing gameplay and bring in the sponsors which equals money. FChamp said he’s an esports player for the money, not for fun.

“I don’t want to play a game that’s not supported by the developer or the league.” He recalls a time when everyone would ask, ‘When’s Mahvel?’ because it was the hypest game at EVO and now it’s not even featured on the top stage in 2018’s EVO.

Rising Thunder is F Champ’s Main Game

FChamp is adding Rising Thunder to his roster. In March of 2016 Riot Games acquired the fighting game Rising Thunder in it’s beta alpha phase. It is a free-to-play fighting game started by Radiant Entertainment and finished by Riot Games. Rising Thunder’s gameplay and similar mechanics makes it familiar to League of Legends players as each special effect has a cooldown period. In traditional fighting games, rapidly stringing together attacks will create great damage and as fast as you can push the buttons the better your chances to win.

Since Marvel is falling off, FChamp decides to go back to his roots. His love for Real Time Strategy games is why Rising Thunder catches his eye. He’s doing amazing in the Rising Thunder online tournaments.

“I’m the best at Rising Thunder and I won every [online] tournament.”

FChamp won the last two tournaments in March and February. He’s looking forward to the League of Legends version of Rising Thunder. Although Riot Games hasn’t officially confirmed that they are making a fighting game, FChamp is hopeful they’ll combine his love for real time strategy games and fighting games.

After winning over 500 tournaments in the span of 10 years FChamp is looking for his next game to conquer and he’s hoping it is a fighting game by Riot Games. He delves into letting Marvel go.

F Champ is a free agent

Not only is FChamp looking for a new game but he’s also looking for more opportunities within the world of esports.

He’s been with his former sponsor Splyce for about a year and before them he was crushing the scene with Panda Gaming. In total, FChamp has been sponsored for over 10 years.

“I have a very good relationship with Splyce – never burned a bridge with anyone,” said FChamp.

His contract ended, and he decided he wanted to delve deeper into the esports scene. He’s a competitor and a darn good one, but there must be other things such as sponsorships, commercials, panels and meet and greets. Maximizing himself and extending the platform is his next plan.

“I’ve been a part of charity events, video appearances, online stuff, tv appearances – those aren’t related to competition and I’d love to do more [of it].”

He’s expressed Splyce doesn’t want to focus on fighting games and they both wanted to grow in other areas.

FChamp is a PC player and never owned a console until he started playing and competing in fighting games.

“I’ve always been a PC guy. I’d like to take my talent there,” said FChamp.

Switching from title to title within the Fighting Game genre FChamp expressed that he can play game, all it takes is time.

“The psychology of fight games is similar…” said FChamp. “…but, I just gotta practice”

If Riot Games doesn’t release a fighting game, then he’s still set on looking at adding other games to his roster; maybe it would be Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Hand of Fate 2 Announced an Endless Mode

Hand of Fate 2, the action-RPG from Defiant Development that blends roguelike dungeon crawling and tabletop roleplaying and collectible card games. Now offers a never-ending mode to PC gamers with today’s free addition. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will get the update next month.

Endless Mode offers players a chance to battle for the top spot on the leaderboards via infinitely replayable quests that get progressively difficult with each level. More difficult enemies are shuffled into the dealer’s deck and random pain or curse cards are dealt upon completion of each stage. To support the release of endless mode, Defiant has added new adventures, collectible token shards, enemies and narrative branches to the core encounters, ensuring that no two dungeon runs are exactly alike.

In addition to Endless Mode, Defiant Development has a few more aces up its sleeve in the form of upcoming DLC. New companions, challenges and more are planned for the remainder of the year.

“Hand of Fate 2 was praised for adding a plethora of new features and improving upon every aspect of the original title that was enjoyed by more than two million gamers,” says Morgan Jaffit, director, Defiant Development. “Today’s addition of endless mode provides even more content to our passionate community and we eagerly anticipate giving them even more in the coming months.”

In Hand of Fate 2 players overcome trials built from collectible cards handed out by the dealer. Each trial is represented by a location on the map in the meta board game, and presents custom rules and challenges. Gamers are tested through combo-based third-person combat, the exploration of dangerous and exotic locations, high-risk high-reward minigames, deck-building and Dungeons & Dragons-style decision making.

Hand of Fate 2 is available for $29.99 in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.

To learn more about Hand of Fate 2, visit the official website, check out the Steam page, like the game on Facebook, or follow Defiant Development on Twitter.


Radical Heights, a Free-to-Play Battle Royale, Announced by LawBreakers Developer

Radical Heights, an 80s themed battle royale, has been revealed by Boss Key Productions. Boss Key, founded by Cliffy B of Gears of War fame, released their highly anticipated game LawBreakers last year. Sadly, LawBreakers didn’t resonate with audiences, and the studio has stated they were going to shift gears to a new project.

It looks like Radical Heights is that new project. Radical Heights is a battle royale that has a very hair metal 80s aesthetic and seems to revolve around earning money to get more loot. A decent twist on the battle royale space and may motivate players to be a lot more aggressive. Vehicles seem to play the part, but in keeping with the theme, it is bicycles. Which may offer some unique BMX hijinx.

Radical Heights will enter Steam Early Access April 10th and will be free to play. You can check out the reveal trailer below.