About Us

The World’s Empire, LLC. (TWE) was created in 2011 by Jskill (J) and GeNiO (Danny). Around this time it was originally a gaming community, but we are rapidly evolving and expanding into various branches that relate to gaming as well.
Our primary focus was reviews and still is today, but these reviews are not our only objective. Instead they reflect our reviewers personal stance on their game play experience. The reviews are not intended to reflect the opinions of the entire team or even The World’s Empire itself, but only those of the individual reviewer. The purpose of this is to review not just the mechanics and game play but any errors that were encountered as well. Games are not just a list of features; quite often, the whole is better than the sum of its parts (although sometimes the opposite is true).
TWE is not just reviews, though. As mentioned, we have started branching out to other mediums such as gaming news, previews, walkthroughs, commentaries, and product reviews to name what we have done so far. Our plan was to never stop growing and expanding and we have not stopped! We are excited to bring out a new aspect of The World’s Empire for you.

Our Empire

There is a lot of potential waiting for brands in the YouTube gaming industry. The new aspect we offer relates to brands and YouTube gamers. TWE helps brands meet popular YouTube gamers to build and advance their brand through effective means of advertising: YouTube. The problem many brands face today is that they can surely advertise themselves with their own YouTube channel but it is extremely time-consuming, requires a lot of effort and is not easy at all to get a good following. This is why we allow brands to meet with popular YouTube gamers and use their channel to tap into the existing followers and receive potential customers.
This service does not just serve brands, but also the YouTube gamers! No matter how large of a following they have on their channel, they are still looking to grow. We help these channels grow by these services and they also get to gain an income by partnering with brands to advertise their products and services.
It is a complete two-way service that benefits all and we are happy to help you in this connection. The World’s Empire has been a continuously growing gaming related community and we love to keep expanding this platform we are so dedicated to. We never increase services by lessening the past ones so don’t worry, TWE is only evolving, not changing its course!
Although everything we have done, are doing, and will do cannot be represented on this page, you can get a pretty good idea as to who we are, what we are, what we do, and what we want to accomplish.
With that all said and done, join our community and watch our Empire grow! Welcome to The World’s Empire and Happy Gaming!


The World’s Empire