Rocket League Proves to be a Kick (Review And Giveaway)

When you first enter Rocket League, you’re met with a message, explaining that, “You are the first to experience (and shape the future of) the highly-anticipated high-octane sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars!” Upon further research, I was surprised to find out that the latter title was actually a real game–released in 2008, IGN […]

Guild of Dungeoneering – Review

The Guild of Dungeoneering is all about building up your guild, and using your Dungeoneers to help in the pursuit to become the most famous guild in the land! You play as the guild leader. Let’s just say that he have some issues. You tried to join a famous guild, but were rejected. So instead […]

E3 2015: My Review On Madden 16 Draft Champions (Video)

Draft Champions adds to the Fantasy Football experience by paying off draft night immediately. As soon as the draft is over, players can take the new squad onto the field. The result? A very tight draft experience that distills the best parts of Fantasy Football, and combining it with an exciting Madden event that can […]

Apple Watch Vs Samsung Gear 2 Watch: Review (Unboxing Pictures)

Wassup Apple Fans!  Here are some pictures of the new Apple watch unboxing vs the Samsung Gear 2 Watch. Clean White Box!   Another Clean White Box inside the Clean White Box!   Inside of the box feels like suede.  There is also a protection cover on the front to protect the screen.  (I took […]