Solo: An Introspective Puzzle Adventure is Announced

Solo marks the first collaboration between Team Gotham and narrative designer Jordi de Paco, best known for his work as creative director on The Red Strings Club and Gods Will Be Watching.

Combining creative puzzle designs that offer flexible solutions, Solo welcomes players to challenge themselves at their own pace as they immerse themselves in the serene set of islands. Team Gotham brings their emotional experience together with a reflective narrative that invites players to examine their own love relationships.

The tranquil music is designed to bring the minimalistic world brought to life with creatures peppered across the environments. Solo’s contemplative atmosphere provides a space to ponder personal questions or a relaxing place to take a break and appreciate their surroundings by composing songs on guitar, feeding the wildlife, and capturing the stunning surroundings in camera mode.

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“Solo offers players a safe space they can comfortably wrap themselves in while providing the option to reflect on love’s place in their life in a way only possible through video games,” said Juan De La Torre, creative director, Team Gotham. “The welcoming world, metaphoric story, creative puzzle solving mechanics and other small details bring the kindness of the isles to life so the player is free to think about what matters most.”

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Seems like Solo is designed to be a meditative journey and not one to frustrate. It’ll be interesting how this title develops, and if it can resonate in a true way with players.

Solo will be available via Steam in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese for $14.99 USD.

For more information, please visit the Team Gotham website or follow Solo onFacebook and Twitter.

Pixel Noir brings a gritty JRPG tale to the Nintendo Switch

Pixel Noir is a gritty private eye story set with JRPG mechanics. I played a bit of this title at MAGfest, and if you’re a fan of games like Shadowrun, you’ll be very happy with this game. Their Kickstarter was a success, and the developer SWDTech is proud to announce a Nintendo Switch version is coming soon.

Also, Pixel Noir won Best Audio at MAGFest (Music & Gaming Festival) for the second year in a row! Thanks to Hiroki Kikuta, composer of the Secret of Mana soundtrack (among other awesome titles), who has added some truly incredible music to the game!


Living on the streets of a shithole like Pinnacle City, there are only two things to keep you going: A pack of cigarettes and the feeling that there’s more than this.

There was something rotten in that rundown place. You were in over your head, but you were too proud to admit it. It was your pride that killed your partner. With the hospital burned to the ground and nothing to exonerate you, they threw you in jail.

For ten years you were haunted by unanswered questions and unspeakable horror, frightened by what you saw, what you did – and what you could still do. Now you’re scraping by as a private eye, running a business out of a crappy apartment. But a chance comes along to clear your name once and for all. With your sanity at stake, how can you afford not to take it?


Pixel Noir is a JRPG-inspired detective game set against a film noir backdrop. Think Earthbound meets Sin City!

  • Solve a variety of mysteries as Pinnacle City’s cheapest Private Eye! From missing pets to murder investigations, your detective skills will earn you either fortune or face punches.
  • Fight enemies in turn-based combat. Unleash devastating combo attacks by teaming up with other heroes in your team!
  • Explore Pinnacle City–a wretched hive of scum and villainy harboring black market trade & hawked by colorful characters.
  • Use your investigation mode to reveal clues. Level it up over time to unearth new secrets and storylines!
  • Overkill mechanic: if you do too much damage, instead of knocking your enemy out, you can kill them. This will affect what type of spoils you get from battle!
  • New timed hit mechanics for skills including button sequences and d-pad rotation!
  • CRDTech card game… can you find Phil, the Dust Master?

I’m looking forward to the release of this game. It should provide a fun spin to the JRPG genre that has been missing for a very long time.


Surprise! Chrono Trigger is now on Steam

Widely hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time, the definitive version of CHRONO TRIGGER® is now available for the first time on STEAM®.  This version features:

  • Two Extra Dungeons – Includes the mysterious “Dimensional Vortex” dungeon and “Lost Sanctum” dungeon that first appeared in the Nintendo DS® and mobile releases
  • CHRONO TRIGGER Limited Edition – Those that purchase the STEAM version until April 2, 2018 will receive the following digital bonuses for free:
    • An enchanting and specially edited digital song file containing a medley of five songs: “Far Off Promise,” “Wind Scene,” “Battle with Magus,” “Corridors of Time,” and “Chrono Trigger”
    • Composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s digital liner notes
    • A collection of six stunning PC wallpapers in varying sizes
  • Updated Graphics and Sound – While keeping the atmosphere of the original, this version features optimized visuals designed for modern PCs and a re-recorded soundtrack under the supervision of original composer Yasunori Mitsuda.
  • Updated Controls – Optimized PC experience that supports both controller and mouse/keyboard configuration
  • New Autosave Feature – Automatically saves while still featuring the original title’s Save Point function

In conjunction with the release of the STEAM version, CHRONO TRIGGER for iOS and Android may also receive a major update which brings all of the enhancements in the PC version to mobile devices. Additionally, CHRONO TRIGGER is also now available on the Amazon AppStore beginning today, bringing the title to an even wider array of mobile platforms.

The mobile version of CHRONO TRIGGER not only features the updated graphical and sound enhancements but also brings retina and cloud save features as well as AppleTV support to this version.

Originally released in 1995, CHRONO TRIGGER was developed by the “Dream Team” of DRAGON QUEST® creator Yuji Horii, DRAGON BALL creator Akira Toriyama and the creators of the FINAL FANTASY® series. Many challenges await players in this epic quest to save the planet’s future, as long-lost secrets are revealed through time travel to different eras including the present, middle ages, the future, prehistory and ancient times.

For more information on CHRONO TRIGGER, visit:


The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth Launches on Steam Early Access

Steel Wool Studios has announced the release of The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth, is now live on Steam Early Access — the first Warhammer 40k game that challenges you to command Ultramarine Legionnaires and defend the Imperium in larger-than-life Virtual Reality. Experience The Horus Heresy with an original narrative, characters, and conflict from esteemed Black Library author, Rob Sanders. Horus Heresy fans around the world can finally feel like they are really there and master the ultimate living battlefield in a “human-scale” interactive experience.

The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth is a tactical turn-based strategy game based on Games Workshop’s fan-favorite Betrayal at Calth tabletop game, set during the Horus Heresy era. Betrayal at Calth includes a single-player campaign and multiplayer PvP skirmish mode, built for VR and also available with cross-platform play on PC.

Set in the 31st Millennium on the planet of Calth, you play as Magos Ohmnal Sarc, a tech priest of the Mechanicus caught in conflict as Brother Legions of Space Marines take arms against one another. When Sarc discovers corrupted data in the data stream, he must tactically command his unit of noble Ultramarines against a faction of traitorous Word Bearers. Out-wit and thwart their devious plot to corrupt the Imperium and disrupt the future of mankind.

Early Access unfolds the devious initial chapter of a sprawling five-part campaign. The single-player mode includes a five-map narrative where players control units of Space Marine Legionaries and guide them through the underground arcologies of Calth. PvP Multiplayer has four maps and two play modes (Deathmatch and Objective Based). Pick your side and play either as the Ultramarines or the traitorous Word Bearers. Proceeding updates to include new chapters with new maps, weapons, abilities, and units.

“Steam Early Access lets us roll out an evolving narrative and tons of gameplay depth and strategies over the coming months,” said Joshua Qualtieri, Co-Founder and Head of Development at Steel Wool Studios. “And, it gives us the chance to embrace the feedback from core-Warhammer gamers. We’ve already made significant upgrades from the support of our Live Alpha program, including speeding up the gameplay, new unit commands that include shooting while moving abilities, and visual and UX enhancements to the PC mode.”

The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth launches with a limited-time price discount of $24.99, a special 17% launch discount from the regular $29.99 price. All players will have the option to play either in stand-up VR systems or on gaming PCs. Supported systems at launch are HTC Vive and Oculus Touch.

Gameplay Details:

  • VR Mode: “Human-scale” view allows you to come face-to-chest with lifesize Space Marines. Combat sequences give players the feeling of being on the battlefield during 40k action. A world first VR game set in the Horus Heresy.
  • Single-Player Campaign: 24 combat scenarios. With five at Early Access launch. The story progresses linearly and each level presents unique challenges intertwined with the drama of the narrative.
  • Multiplayer Skirmish Mode: Players can play either as the Ultramarines and Word Bearer factions. Units include Legionnaires, Terminators, Dreadnoughts and a cast of characters armed with everything from Bolters to multi-meltas to assault cannons. More character classes will be added up until the final game release.
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer Matchmaking: Bring the full arsenal of your chosen Legion to bear against friends with private matches or against opponents across the world. Competitive PvP pits you against players on VR or PC. As a turn-based skirmish, VR versus PC provides no gameplay advantages, only differing user experiences of the world.

If you’re a fan of the Warhammer 40k series, this looks like an interesting entry. Hopefully the story, and gameplay are up to the challenge.

Source: (Game Page)

“Debris” Co-Op Dives into a Full Release at 50% Off

Dive with a friend to discover the hazards of a surreal world locked below Arctic sea ice in today’s launch of the highly-anticipated co-op mode for first-person, narrative adventure game Debris from independent video game developer Moonray Studios. To celebrate our co-op release, Debris is discounted at 50% off for one week.

Following the soft launch of its single-player campaign in October of 2017, Debris’ co-op mode has players scrambling to find power for their life systems, defeat deadly creatures, and decipher what mysterious forces are attempting to prevent them from escaping. Designed based on the challenges facing those affected by psychosis and created with the help of medical professionals, Debris explores the interplay between perception and reality in an unconventional, narrative-driven co-op format. Players must negotiate each other’s choices as their realities drift further and further apart due to their own creeping psychosis.

“Co-op mode is the ultimate way to play Debris because it allows people to truly experience what it’s like to have psychosis,” said Dan Clark, Founder at Moonray Studios. “One person may hear or see something, while their friend may not and vice versa. With each delusion and reality, players won’t know who’s right, who’s wrong and what is really going on.”

Escape Together or Die Alone

Players are part of a small team sent to film a promotional video for a ground-breaking discovery: meteoric debris embedded deep in Arctic ice that provides clean, hyper-efficient energy. Taking on the roles of either Ryan, the team’s videographer, or Sonya, a promising engineer and project leader, players embark on a fight for survival in the murky depths of the Arctic Ocean.

Stranded at the bottom after a tragic accident, injured and running out of time, their only hope for survival is to reach the surface. But something else is going on. Things aren’t right, they don’t add up, and divers can’t help but speculate. Why is this happening?

Dive into:

  • A Mysterious Story that Leaves Players Questioning Everything – The story of Debris unfolds in the communication between partners as they struggle to navigate and unravel why they’re trapped and how they can escape.
  • Multiple Endings Dramatically Impacted by Key Choices – An unconventional narrative co-op mode where a person’s partner matters and tensions are high. Three lives are in the balance. One has a light, one has a gun; one sees everything, one hears everything; one is lost, and one is stuck. But everyone thinks they know what’s really going on. Each character is brought to life with living, breathing conversational dialogue.
  • Gameplay All About Time – Everything a player can do is tied to power, which counts down continuously. Debris is full of time-dependent choices, the time they need, the time they lose and the time they are willing to spend.
  • A Unique Underwater Setting like Nothing Players Have Ever Seen – With 8 axes of movement (including buoyancy), divers glide through the Arctic labyrinth and quickly discover that their prison is home to strange bioluminescent flora and fauna, prey and predators of light and darkness

As they fight their way to safety, players will need to figure out what’s behind this surreal world and their desperate situation. Knowing will make all the difference.

Debris‘ co-op experience is available now with a 50% discount for its first week of release.