Radical Heights, a Free-to-Play Battle Royale, Announced by LawBreakers Developer

Radical Heights, an 80s themed battle royale, has been revealed by Boss Key Productions. Boss Key, founded by Cliffy B of Gears of War fame, released their highly anticipated game LawBreakers last year. Sadly, LawBreakers didn’t resonate with audiences, and the studio has stated they were going to shift gears to a new project. It looks like Radical […]

Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 is now available

The popular Battle Royale portion of Fortnite has announced their Season 3 Battle Pass. The Battle Pass are purchasable DLC that offers players new gear, and other fun items. Below are the official patch notes from EPIC Games. You can also read them HERE. 60 FPS on Console (Battle Royale) Experience Fortnite like never before. PS4, […]

The New Battle Royale “Darwin Project” Kicks of Closed Alpha Weekend 2

Today, Scavengers Studio is beginning Darwin Project’s second Closed Alpha Weekend on PC with an hour-long dev stream. The team behind the upcoming battle royale game have more than a few tricks up their sleeves to celebrate the coming of the Show Director. Tune into Darwin Project’s dev stream and check out some of the highlights from the first Closed Alpha Weekend! Stream […]

Darwin Project Kicks Off its Closed Alpha Weekend

Scavengers Studio is running the Darwin Project’s first Closed Alpha Weekend on PC with the end of coverage embargo dark days, the first installment of its Dev Diary video series, and some new details about the game’s future. You can watch the E3 Trailer of the Darwin Project here: Timeline for the Event: Start: Friday, November 10 […]

Editorial: The Emergence of the Battle Royale

Every few years in gaming culture you see a shift in the gaming zeitgeist. It doesn’t have to be the best selling genre, but it normally becomes a trendsetter for the industry. I believe that shift has happened again, and this time it is the Battle Royale. So, what is this Battle Royale? In short, […]