Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 is now available

The popular Battle Royale portion of Fortnite has announced their Season 3 Battle Pass. The Battle Pass are¬†purchasable DLC that offers players new gear, and other fun items. Below are the official patch notes from EPIC Games. You can also read them HERE. 60 FPS on Console (Battle Royale) Experience Fortnite like never before. PS4, […]

Fortnite V.2.2.0 Patch Notes – Battle Royale Map Update

V.2.2.0 PATCH NOTES Patch V.2.2.0 is planned to release January 18. The Battle Royale Winter event ends ends on January 18. Fortnite fans, This patch includes the long awaited Battle Royale map update, along with a number of significant improvements to the Scoped AR, voice chat, and much more. Dive into the full notes below. […]

Fortnite’s PvE “Horde Bash” Update Arrives October 5

Epic Games has announced the “Horde Bash Update” for Fortnite’s “Save the World” PvE mode on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Available on October 5, the mode delivers an all-new “Challenge the Horde” gameplay mode, a new in-game event, new heroes, weapons, questions, and more! You can join the paid Early Access now, […]

Fortnite Early Access Revealed Six Years After Initial Announcement

Fortnite, an Epic Games developed title, was first revealed in December of 2011. Yet, everything went silent for the title the last¬†few years. Many felt the title was discontinued outright. Then two years ago, limited PC alpha access started to happen. It has been a long road for Fortnite, but it now seems ready to […]