FChamp, What’s next after Marvel?

Ryan ‘Filipino Champ’ Ramirez is making some changes to his sponsors and the games in his roster. Since Marvel’s player base declined FChamp is moving on to other games. FChamp says he’s a big MvC fan and he loves the game but, the overall verdict is the public doesn’t like it. “I wasn’t surprised after […]

Where’s Mahvel? Not on Evo’s Main Stage

  Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is not invited to Evo 2018 and the community is number crunching to figure out why. Evo is The Evolution Championship Series, a fighting game tournament taking place in Las Vegas, which features players from around the world. There are main games that are televised and side tournament for leisure […]

Frosty Faustings 2018

  Last year Frosty Faustings had about 1,000 attendees this year it’s 1,300 spectators including international players from Japan and Europe with many pro players in attendance such as Punk, Sonic Fox, and Wolkrone. The talent really showed up and showed out this year. Starting with that main event Guilty Gear. Started with over 250 […]

Street Fighter V Trailer (Fan Made) Shows Off Alex

Looks like it took a fan to do what Capcom oddly enough has not done. Create a trailer for the highly requested Alex from Street Fighter III fame. This trailer shows off pretty much all you need to know about Alex. He shows his basic moves, and his ultimate attack. One thing that it shows […]